Billing Questions

We accept credit cards and PayPal payments to make getting our services as quick and easy as possible. However, we understand that sometimes these two options are not always the best way for companies to pay for services. If you need invoicing, please call 408.436.9100 or contact us here.

Since we are an express service, we’ll process your credit card information immediately so that we can help your employees find a new job fast.

However, we don’t leave getting started up to program participants. Our proactive outreach program includes a series of phone calls and emails to engage your employees and to explain the benefits of using career transition solutions. You can help improve the ROI on our services by making sure the contact information we have for each of your eligible employees is current and complete.

Any packages you purchase are available for you to use for up to 12 months after purchase. Once an eligible employee name has been assigned to a purchased package, that package is considered in use.

Yes. We use Shopify to ensure a secure shopping experience for our customers. Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

Yes. You can purchase any number of plans now and add your employee information later. In fact, we give you up to 12 months to provide eligible employee information once you’ve purchased your career transition packages.

If, after your initial investment, you decide to add more employees into the program, simply select additional packages and we’ll get all your qualified employees set up for future success.

Once you select your packages, look through your employee list carefully to match program participants with the appropriate package. We can change which employees receive the package as long as the eligible employees have not been notified of which package they are to receive. We suggest you carefully choose packages, as we are unable to make adjustments to the package level or number of packages your organization has access to once they are purchased.

We have packages and pricing available for every size company in every industry across the globe. Contact us to learn about our Enterprise Level Packages and pricing.

A. You will receive a confirmation email after each purchase that can be used as an invoice for your records. For further assistance, please reach out to rsxaccountservices@risesmart.com

Simply navigate to our login page https://buy.risesmartexpress.com/account/login and click on the ‘forgot password’ link. Follow the prompts to reset your password.

You’ll receive a confirmation email immediately upon completion of your purchase. In addition, a copy of your purchase order is always available in your account.

Service Delivery

In addition to saving companies money through our cost-effective outplacement model, lowering future unemployment tax claims and tax liability, and reducing legal fees as a result of unhappy impacted employees seeking restitution, RiseSmart leads the outplacement industry in results.

Our results speak for themselves:

  • 78% of eligible RiseSmart program participants land a new job within their program terms.
  • 71% of participants find jobs with equal or greater salaries than their previous role.
  • Participants land jobs 60% faster than the national average.
  • RiseSmart has a 98% enterprise customer retention rate.
  • We have received more awards and recognition than all of our competitors combined.
  • 98% program satisfaction rating by our participants

We match our program participants to relevant job leads in three ways, depending on which package they receive. First, all participants have access to our proprietary, patented SmartMatch Engine™ technology which delivers lists of suitable jobs based on the job seeker’s desired roles, companies, and industries, and creates intelligent rankings to help job seekers respond to the most relevant opportunities first.

Secondly, participants receiving Boost, Ignite, and Empower packages have access to a full time personal job sourcer who will provide handpicked and highly relevant job leads based on the job searcher’s own preferences and the criteria most likely to land them the right job.

Finally, all participants in the Boost, Ignite, and Empower packages will be introduced to over 6,500 recruiters actively looking for talent in a variety of industries and locations around the world. This level of exposure is unparalleled in the outplacement industry.

While all our coaches are based in the U.S., our coaching model is location-independent and accessible anywhere and at a time that’s convenient for the job seeker. We match program participants with the best possible coach, based on industry and career goals, not simply by who is within driving distance. Job seekers are able to reach out at any time to get answers to their questions in a variety of formats and interaction options, including email, phone, and in-app messaging.

Our career coaches have 12 years of experience in HR and/or recruiting and 8 years of experience in career coaching on average. We deliver proprietary, International Coach Federation (ICF) certified training and professional development programs to all our coaches on a regular basis. In addition, our coaches hold outside certifications from over 42 different certifying bodies, including CPCC, ACC/PCC/MCC, SHRM, HCRL and more.

All our Professional Resume Writers adhere to Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) best practices, have received specialized training through our proprietary professional development programs. We don’t outsource our resume and branding services, as many outplacement providers do. In addition, all of our resume writers are based in the U.S. and bring many years of experience as human resources and recruiting professionals in a variety of industries and locations around the country.

Our outplacement packages are designed to allow you to choose a package based on your budget as well as the level of experience of your impacted employees. Package descriptions include a suggestion for matching services with an employee’s role, and all our prices are listed up front. How you decide to distribute services is totally up to you.

In addition to our programs for your employees, we offer SmartSessions to help guide you through manager notification training and resiliency training best practices prior to conducting the actual lay off. See Additional services in our feature detail page here.

Our track record speaks for itself. Not only do participants of RiseSmart career transition programs land new jobs 60% faster than the national average, 71% of those who go through our programs report finding employment that pays at least the same, or better than their previous job. 98% of program participants report satisfaction with our services.

No matter which package you’ve chosen for your employees, we’ll get them started on their career search efforts right away. All employee participants will have access to online assistance and resources within 1 business day of you providing us their email address. As soon as they receive an activation link, they can log in.

Boost, Ignite, and Empower participants can expect a personal call or email from one of our career transition experts, within 2 business day of you providing us employee contact details.

RiseSmart Express has the unique position of being both an outplacement solution designed with the small to medium sized business in mind, and being the leading contemporary career transition solutions provider for more than 10 years.

RiseSmart Express is uniquely designed to support small businesses through a one-touch sign up process instead of requiring a long-term contract that doesn’t meet the unique organizational needs of small businesses.

Our range of offerings that include both high-tech and high-touch options are proven to reduce the unemployment period, thereby protecting the corporate brand while reducing potential unemployment tax charges and reducing the likelihood of litigation.

Within 2 business days of receiving your employees’ contact information, your employees will be able to engage in job seeking activities and moving on toward their new beginnings.

Yes. We will provide you with digital notification brochures explaining each of our programs. Our brochures are available to print, or you can choose to distribute the information digitally.

Our research shows that the trend for a growing number of organizations is to extend outplacement and other severance benefits to every employee. Employers wanting to make good on their promises to employees and project an employee-first culture are choosing to offer outplacement to all their impacted employees. We have packages with services and pricing to allow you to offer valuable career transition services to your entire workforce without breaking the bank.

As the leading provider of contemporary career transition services for organizations in more than 40 industries and 70 countries, we can tailor a program to meet your needs. We have packages and pricing available for every size company in every industry across the globe. Contact us to learn about our Enterprise Level Packages and international pricing.

You will receive an email within 48 business hours from purchase order date. If you have any concerns please feel free to reach out to us at rsxaccountservices@risesmart.com


RiseSmart was founded in 2007 and is the leading provider to contemporary career transition services for organizations in more than 40 industries and 70 countries. RiseSmart’s “beginning to beginning” approach combines dedicated career coaching and personal branding with patented technology and tools to support transitioning employees.

The Randstad Group is a global leader in the HR services industry and specializes in solutions in the field of flexible work and human resource services.

Our secure workbench allows you to securely transmit, view, and edit your impacted employee list. Sensitive data is delivered and received by encrypted data transfer with bank-level security within our platform. Unlike other outplacement providers, we don’t expose your employees’ privacy to unreliable and insecure email transmission.

We use Shopify to ensure a secure shopping experience for our customers. Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

We take the privacy of our customers seriously. We don’t reveal customer names to anyone, without the express written consent of organizations who want to help us tell our story. You can rest assured that our relationship with you will remain strictly confidential.

Yes, when your employees log into the platform for the first time, they will be given step-by-step instructions through a series of help videos. At any time, program participants can ask questions and get technical support through a robust help center available within the platform.

You will receive step by step instructions directly from RSX account services.

Be on the lookout for an email with a link to our HR technology platform, Insight. Until then, here are three simple steps to get started:

  1. When you receive the email with the link to Insight, please click on the link and create your login access.
  2. When you’re ready to notify your employees, please provide them with the brochure that corresponds to the package you are providing so that they know you will be making sure they are taken care of between layoff and landing their next job. Here are the links: Spark Boost Ignite Empower
  3. Provide us with your impacted employees’ information as soon as possible. We will personally contact each individual immediately to begin the transition process. To securely transmit your employee information, simply log into Insight and click the [Add Lists] button near the top right corner of your screen.

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